Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am a TERRIBLE blogger. I always forget, and then Tiffany gets all over me for not keeping up with it. (But I'll have you know, she hasn't blogged any since March 20th so she's not doing so hot herself!) ANYWAY, whatever.

So I had surgery. Got my gallbladder taken out. It wasn't too bad, I was really just sore afterwards. I'm pretty much better now. I had it exactly 2 weeks ago. It was weird though because I never even knew my gallbladder was bad, and then when I got it taken out it turned out to be REALLY bad. They said it was so bad it actually infected one of my lymph nodes and they had to remove that also. My doctor did give me a really cool picture of my liver and gallbladder though. He said he wanted to give me my gall stone but he wasn't allowed to. Too bad. He said it was really big.

Other than that, we've been gearing up for Easter. My parents are coming down for the weekend to see us and the grandkids. We're really excited! I love having them come now that we have a house so they can stay with us. Kate loves it too. It was my mom's birthday on April 5th so when they get here we're going to have a party for my mom. Loren is making her a cake, I'm making baked ziti, and my brother is bringing the extras. I hope it turns out well! I'm pretty excited! I've decided I like cooking for people. Especially when it's something good like baked ziti! I'm a little nervous because I've never made it before, but I figure if it turns out bad we can just order pizza or something. :) I think we're also going to make tie-dyed cupcakes with the kids. I found a cool recipe and they look really neat. Loren and I are loving having the kids at this fun age where they like to help and make stuff. Sometimes (ok, ALL the time) it ends up being way messier, but it's still fun! And they like being able to say that they made it! They're cute!

Well I guess that's about it. Hopefully I'll have some fun pictures up soon of our Easter festivities. If I can figure out how to upload them, that is. :) I guess I'm going to go now... maybe I'll be back soon... :)

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  1. I just found your blog via Tiffany's blog. Yay! Now I have another blog to read. I had to have my gallbladder out this year too. Mine happened after a trip to the ER b/c I was in so much pain, I thought I was going to die.