Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lazy Weekends

I live for the weekends. We haven't really done anything special so far, but I just love being able to be lazy!

Yesterday I went to lunch with my sister and our friend V at Beef O'Brady's then we went to see Sex and the City 2. It was really funny, but definitely as raunchy in some parts as the first movie. It was fun though and we had a good time! So I got home from that, then immediately went to the store with Jeremy and Kate to get some rock salt for making homemade ice cream! I had never had it before so this was a big deal! I gotta say, we made a test batch Friday night, and while it didn't work right in the machine, we stuck it in the freezer and it was SOOOO good!!! It was super creamy but still icy. I can't really explain it, but let's just say I am hooked! There was also a UFC fight last night so we watched it over at my sister's house. I can tell I'm getting old because it is so hard for me to stay up long enough to see the main event! Life is rough...

Today was church and it was awesome as always! After church we headed over to Augusta to eat at Cheddar's since I was given a gift card at the Survivor's Dinner. We had never been before so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was really good! The service was a little slow, but lunch on a Sunday is never speedy! It was so cheap and you get a ton of food! We will definitely go again!

The best part about this weekend is that we don't have to work tomorrow! I looooove long weekends! It's time for me to put this computer away and get to enjoying to rest of the weekend! Have a Happy Memorial Day!!

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