Friday, May 28, 2010

What Makes YOU Happy??

I know I haven't blogged since LAST "Show Us Your Life", but it's been a ssslllllooooowwwww and I just haven't felt very good. So that makes me a slacker. It also makes this topic a perfect topic for me because I need some happy right now!!

Things That Make Me Happy
(In no particular order except the first)

Jeremy and Kate
My Nephew and Nieces
Ok, really just my whole family (yes, that includes my husband's family because lemme tell ya.... they pretty much rock!)
Music. Pretty much any kind as long as I can sing to it! And it has to make me FEEL something!
My AH-MAY-ZING friends! Seriously they are the best. Sometimes I wonder how I still even have friends since my attitude can get a little crazy sometimes but they have stuck with me and I am so grateful!
Cold Sunny days
Sweet Tea
When Kate tells me that I make her happy
My awesome church
Tennessee... When my parents moved me there, I was sure I would hate it forever, and yet now, it seems like more of a home to me than SC. Weird.
Having an in-between Southern Accent... I know this sounds weird, but my parents were raised in Oregon so they definitely don't have a southern accent. So we were raised talking the way they talk. However, living in the South my entire life has given me an in-between accent where people who live in the South think I have no accent and people that live everywhere else think I do. It's fun and it's a good conversation starter because people always want to know where I am from.
Flip Flops
Pretty flowers
Puppies (as along as they are not mine)
Perfect weather **this does not include Summer**

I really could sit here and list things all day, but these are a few of the best ones. What makes YOU happy??

**Sorry for no pictures in this post! I'm at work so I don't have access to all of the cuteness that is my child! Next time!**

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  1. I love flips flops too and pretty flowers!! I love the comment about puppies as long as they aren't yours!! Great list!